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Come and experience Chicago Best Brazilian Bikini Wax By Diana where we specialize in Brazilian Bikini Wax for Ladies. Diana is fast, sweet and professional. She tried to make the Brazilian Wax as painless as possible. And with the slogan like “We never double dip a stick,” you’re ensured only the highest level of cleanliness. How can you not want to explore Brazilian Bikini Wax by Diana?

In the interest of your safety and protection, our policy at Brazilian Bikini Wax by Diana is to replace each applicator every time it touches the skin. This ensures that a used applicator is never dipped into the fresh wax.

If you want the best waxing service in downtown Chicago at the reasonable prices, please come to Brazilian Bikini Wax by Diana!

Brazilian wax means waxing the body hair around the public area. there are many Brazilian shapes such as landing strip, triangle, postage stamp, or dare to bare as known as Full Monty.

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Brazilian Wax

Wax aftercare:

  • No hot baths
  • No swimming or sunbathing
  • No heat or UV treatments like sun beds or saunas.
  • No tight clothing
  • No perfumed products including deodorant, anti perspirant, self tanner or make up.
  • No touching scrubbing or rubbing the area.
  • No intensive exercise

Besides waxing the pubic area, there are still many parts of our body that can be waxed. After waxing, we can feel sexier and cleaner below. You will love it once you do it.