Signature Spa Pedicure & Signature Manicure:  Cash Deal Only! – Includes relaxing signature feet & hand by OPI & foot massage with hot towel, exfoliating scrub, rejuvenating cooling gel, intensive skin therapy would help your skin feel extremely smooth!



Spa Pedicure Cash Deal Only! For general upkeep and maintenance. Includes shaping of nails, cuticles treatment, softening dry and short massage.



No Chip Manicure & Spa Pedicure:  Over 800+ no chip colors to choose from.  Include OPI’s Gel polish, Gelish, Gel II and Jessica



Brazilian Bikini Wax  – Cash Deal Only!We never double dip a stick!

NO CHIP MANICURE – Chip less manicure – Non Chip Manicure  Cash Deal Only! – Over 1000+ no chip colors to choose from.  Include OPI’s Gel polish, Gelish, Gel II and Jessica – with L.E.D Light only!

Will not damage nails, it’s actually good for your nails
All-natural products with absolutely no odor
(excluding French manicure)

 Colorful Dipping Power



Manicure and pedicure with Ca$h deal!

Gel-X extensions $65 (+$5 take off)

Gel-X is a “soft extension,” meaning it artificially lengthens your nails but still feels flexible, not hard, plastic-y, and molded from, as the name says, gel. Gel-X extensions are specially formulated, soak-off gel tips that ensure long-lasting, three-plus weeks adhesion to a natural nail.  All-natural products with absolutely no odor and no additional damage to the natural nail as they are adhered with gel. Included no-chip colors. 


 Chicago’s Queen of No Chip – Diana’s Nail and Spa is your preferred spa in downtown   Chicago. Located in the Loop, Diana’s Nail Spa is considered the most progressive Chicago Nail Spa in downtown. We are focusing on no chip Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, and Waxing services. Diana’s Nail Spa believes in absolute hygiene using only the finest pipe-less pedicure bowls, fresh, sterilized in an Autoclave manicure tools with each guest. The Environment is Eco-friendly and chemical free. All nail files, buffers and pumice stones are one time use and is given the client or discarded.


Since its opening in September 2005, Diana’s Nail and Spa is free of fumes and hazardous odor. We use the most safest, Organic & Vegan, Chemical Free and Eco-Friendly environment.